We offer the following services to corporates, organizations and countries

Branding and Communication

We help brands connect and engage by finding their unique place and voice in the market. From brand strategy, to visual and verbal identity, to logo and graphic design, we offer remarkable expertise in all brand and identity related area. We also offer communication services through thought-provoking advertising campaigns, magazines or annual reports, press releases, crisis communication material, etc.


We assist you in bringing your ideas to life through conception, development and implementation of your strategies.


With a clear understanding of your goals, strategies, targeted market/audience, we assist you in identifying and connecting with potential investors.


Future Coders

Where coding begins.

Incike Initiatives

You are not alone.

Face The Gorillas

face the gorillas

School of coding

school of coding

About ME

Aphrodice Mutangana

Generel Manager, kLab

Aphrodice Mutangana is the kLab, biggest IT hub in Rwanda, General Manager and Serial Entrepreneur. He is also a co-initiator of different initiatives namely Future Coders, Incike Initiative, Refugee School of Coding and theWorkshop. Aphrodice is a member of various Board of Directors around the world pertaining to innovation and entrepreneurship.

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